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Have you pissed on a suit today? Chances are you haven’t, or have no idea what I’m talking about. Regardless, whether you know it or not, the suits are pissing on you. If you live in the heart of the US Empire, you’re already well aware how hyper-political everything has become.  All this noise has led most people to tune out, noise that mainly comes from a small group of hyper-partisans driven mad by corporate media. These peoples minds have been melted by the machine, so can you blame others for tuning out? We are here to tell you that you don’t have to choose between tuning into the corporate mind-melter or tuning out entirely, but that there is a third pathway: hidden on the growing fringes of society, some choose to face the reality that the bloodsuckers in both political parties are out to get us all.


Here’s the thing: we all want the same shit. We are all one in the same, this is hard to realize in a world where talking to people you disagree with gets more and more difficult with increasingly divisive rhetoric. It’s also become crystal clear that while republicans and democrats cater to the interests of their own, people on both sides will still feel like they’re fighting for them, and it’s simply the other side that is bad. This is how they are allowed to prevent anyone outside of their machine from reaching power. By design, Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same coin, and anyone outside of America is able to see this. Here in America, we are subject to a well funded army of propagandists who work hard to ensure we stay manipulated and hateful enough to select blood allegiance to one side or the other.


Come down this rabbit hole with me. I’m going to help you think for yourself, completely free from the draconian influence of propaganda and persuasion. There are no political parties. It was never about political parties. It’s about class. It’s about the wealthy elite versus all of us together. It was never about left, center, or right. It’s about top and bottom. I’ll let you in on a secret, too: our backs are up against the wall. There’s an entire machine of lawmakers, propagandists, violent fascists, politicians and operatives funded by the ruling class. The flagrant amount of injustice and corruption we see everyday isn’t a mistake or mis-step, but the intended consequences of capitalism. The power imbalances and growing inequality are features of the system, not bugs. It is their machine working as intended.


The only escape from the enormity of their machine, is to join together and form our own. This is no easy task. The bloodsuckers that created the constraints of our dying world will do whatever it takes to propagandize, manipulate, and persuade you (and everybody you know) to vote in their best interest, disguising it as your own. What is their best interest you ask? The almighty dollar. There is no democracy in the US, only money and the machine. They’ll create an atmosphere of fear and instability, and offer their platform as the only solution. Surrender your freedom to the machine, they’ll ask for your soul and labor in exchange for it’s luxuries. They’ll break and beat you down to a mere consumer, then act like your savior.. Aren’t you so sick of needing to be saved? It’s a bait and switch, a siren’s song. All for their sweet, sweet corporate profits. Money is power, and politics is purely and strictly a struggle for power. You have grown up in this system and will continue to believe it’s lies as long as you play in their field. But here marks your first step outside of the matrix.


Join us in our refusal to be molded by their machine. Resisting their machine alone is futile. When all the propagandized humanoids form an enormous machine, it crushes any one man who tries to fight it. This isn’t David and Goliath, and it’s gonna take a lot more than a sling-shot to bring this motherfucker down. The overwhelming power of their machine has many convinced it’s too late, that the bad guys already won. I’m here to tell you that even if they have, there’s still time for a buzzer beater, but we have to stand together. We can foster brotherhood, solidarity and love in the place of competition, judgement and hatred. No “pulling yourself up by your bootstraps” bullshit. No blind pride and hostility. To win, we will have to do it alongside one another.


In our machine, there is no need for the myth of meritocracy, no person is better than another, because there’s no need for that lie when we don’t have a hierarchy to protect. What is meritocracy, if not their machine’s explanation for why some deserve less? Remember all those times you found yourself stuck in the education system, staring at the clock, wondering why they don’t teach you shit? It’s because you’re not supposed to learn shit else but how to work hard on useless tasks for meaningless rewards, and look down on those who don’t. In that sense, like many institutions, it trains people perfectly to assimilate into their machine. A machine where you don’t only justify the suffering of others, but enjoy it because it means you must’ve worked harder and been a good little bitch. Their meaningless rewards only have the worth we choose to assign to them, and if true education is what you seek, assimilating into our machine will unlock knowledge forbidden from the common people. Of the many things our  institutions conceal from us, perhaps the most important is the invisible class war.



Invisible to the untrained eye, there is a war constantly being waged against those who, in any way, threaten the absolute power of their machine. You don’t have to blow a hole in the side of the machine to threaten it. Simply refusing to allow it to dictate your thoughts and actions is enough to put a target on your back. I say if you’re gonna have a target on your back, might as well make it look good.


The consequences of the machine’s war are, for now, inescapable. It’s animosity knows no limits, and eventually it’ll reach you and every single person you know. That is unless you join me in forbidding the corporate machine from holding any power over your thoughts. Unite with your fellowman, push back. 


Long live the people's war. Because a better world is possible. One free from the echoing voices of self-interested career politicians, corporations, and lobbyists. It starts here, just you and I. If there’s one thing our government and these corporate bloodhounds are afraid of, it’s a people’s movement. And that’s exactly what this is. Ever noticed that the revered leaders of all the past populist movements in this country have died mysteriously? That’s one of the many ways they’ve kept the people from seizing power back. They erase this revolutionary history, and leave every person left with a beating heart feel alone and powerless to an invisible war being waged upon them. Not anymore. Free your mind and you can see the hidden history of the people, and join the class war you’ve been losing for years simply because you didn’t know you were fighting it.


The next time you’re at your 9 to 5 job thinking this is not all that life can be, know you’re not alone. And if you get the inevitable thought, once in a while, that you’re working a little too hard for the scraps they throw you; you’re right. You’re being exploited. This is no fault of your own. Do me a favor and don’t fall victim to the propaganda machine. It’s not that you need to work harder. You shouldn’t need to invest in stocks. You shouldn’t need to work a few jobs to put food on the table. You shouldn’t need to surrender your humanity to the system. It works to exploit your labor and keep you alive just enough to provide for your most basic needs, then hand over all the surplus value you’ve created to the CEO. Whatever American Dream we once had is dead. So kill the myth in your mind that convinces people to view themselves as commodities, and strip themselves of anything that interferes with greed.


You’re taught to idolize these billionaires, to praise Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos for their hard work. The blood, sweat and tears they put into their craft. What they don’t teach you though, is the blood, sweat and tears their workers put into making the entire operation possible. Or the blood, sweat, and tears (quite literally) of the enslaved lithium miners in Bolivia that Elon Musk put to work after backing a coup in their democratic country. Before that, the blood, sweat and tears of the diamond miners Elon Musk’s slave-owning father “employed” during apartheid South Africa. That’s right, self-made genius Elon Musk is actually just a dude who had diamond money to invest in PayPal when it popped off, a dude who was in a position to exploit others like his father before him did. Slavery isn’t a thing of the past, not much changed between the Musk’s operation in Apartheid South Africa and their sons operations now. Even worse, take a look at the robotic conditions that Jeff Bezos imposes on his workers, who often have to take painkillers to suppress the repercussions of strenuous labor. His laborers piss in bottles because a bathroom break would interfere with meeting their quotas. These people are treated like cogs in a machine, who are paid a barely livable wage, just enough to allow for subsistence, while the monarchs take in the billions of dollars of profit created by the workers they exploit. This isn’t hyperbole, there are tent cities entirely inhabited by homeless Amazon factory workers. Our system can’t solve these issues. The Supreme Court just ruled Amazon can strip search workers after their shift and not pay them for the time spent doing so. This is the kind of dehumanization in their arsenal of weapons to inflict pain onto the lower classes, and keep them feeling powerless. This powerlessness isn’t baseless, the power imbalance is why the Supreme Court doesn’t give a fuck about workers and let’s the actions of plutocrats like Jeff Bezos slide, it’s also why they don’t have to pay taxes.


Not only does Bezos earn more every minute than Amazon’s lowest paid workers, but the three richest men in the country — of which Bezos is one — own more wealth than the poorest 160 million Americans. This would seem like an unfair model to the average person, no? You’d think so, and I’d hope so. But the torrential rain of propaganda you are fed and subject to coerces you into believing that this is fair and just. It’s not. And these are the guys who decide our policy. It’s not us. We don’t live in a democracy, we live in a corporate oligarchy. Saying this out loud is treason, but together we have no reason to fear their machine. This is a hill I will die on. So, CIA, if you’ve got a hit list, put me on it.


The endless cycle: divide and manipulate. As long as they keep us divided into the factions the political machine pre-determines, we will continue to play right into the loving hands of the “free” market. Many people feel comfortable in it’s tight grasp, as long as they feel there’s a sucker bigger than themselves. This whole country is built on the lie that in order to win there has to be a loser, that success is measured in how many people you can get one over on. This isn’t because people are inherently evil, but because we live in a compulsively competitive world where we are constantly pit against one another. After living under these conditions for lifetimes, and having the history of humanity carefully sanitized, it’s hard to imagine a world where an injury to one person is seen as an injury to all, instead of an opportunity for a few men to “win.” When we stop prioritizing our individualistic success and instead work for collective goals, we can accomplish whatever we want, and finally start fighting back in the war many don’t even know is being waged upon them.



While it certainly can if you want it to, giving em’ hell doesn’t have to mean lighting up the billionaire class with a 100 round drum. Allowing yourself to live each day as a human being before you try to commodify yourself, instead working to free yourself of the pressures and propaganda, is a revolutionary act. We have to build the world we want to live in, and carve out our own culture entirely divorced from the soulless interests of corporations. Give em’ hell by killing that voice in your head telling you to conform. 




Once you kill the cop in your head, and stop living in competition with your fellow man, you can begin to heal the divides that artificially enforced scarcity has created. We can be what humans are meant to be, instead of humanoids driven by the incentives of their machine. You have a choice between voluntary love and participation in the human project, or involuntary and perpetual fear and insecurity of your fellow man. By never giving you the first option, an alternative to their machine, they have kept you on the edge. They’ve manipulated you into resonating with the corporate propaganda that tells you the hardships of your life are entirely due to your own shortcomings. This couldn’t be further from the truth in a system that rewards the worst behavior imaginable, and incentivizes sociopathy. Rather, it is the powers that refuse to give human beings means to live comfortably and sustainably. Suffering entirely in the name of keeping a good work force and maintaining a false hierarchy. These CEO’s, lobbyists, and career politicians use the entirety of their power to enrich themselves, all while telling you they just need a little more of this same power to fix the problems their greed has caused. One of the main reasons we happily hand over this power, is the promise that they’ll use it to fight our political enemies, and the people we see as harmful to society.


The “Us vs. Them” mentality that they instill in you is the sole reason for greed and corruption; for division and war. Divide and conquer, accuse the enemy of that which you are guilty. They alienate you from reality and make you feel foreign and estranged to everything human about you. These are the tactics they employ against the masses. Why? A population divided is a population ripe for manipulation and control. The most revolutionary step you can take against this is to adopt the realization that if enough of us break the cycle, the cogs stop turning. We can stand together, simply decide to stop walking over one another, and end the system of exploitation that we are all victims of. Turning our eyes instead on the ruling class, and finally giving them the hell they deserve and have inflicted on the world for far too long. Each one, teach one. Solidarity forever!

Join the struggle while you may, the revolution is just a t-shirt away.

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