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No war but the class war. Welcome to Cyber Utopia: A collective unit of consciousness. Created by me, made possible by you.



DORON is a one-man studio native to Miami, FL. By studio I mean my bedroom. All direction and designs released are done in-my-apartment. A few things on this website, including copy-writing and logotypes, were done collaboratively.

All or most garments are made in the USA and sourced from ethical manufacturers. I try my best to ensure that everything I put out is low-impact and produced sustainably and ethically. Sweatshop free, the way streetwear should be. All prints are done exclusively by really cool people.

All packaging is recyclable. All orders are packaged and shipped by me with love and care. Attention to detail is very important to me. Your order will always include a lil' more than what was in your cart.

Return Policy

All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges. Please double check all info. If you have any questions about your order or about the brand, be sure to contact me at:


US: Shipped via USPS, cost calculated at checkout. Shipping time varies on a per item basis, be sure to check product descriptions for more info. Most products will ship within 3-4 weeks for domestic orders.

International: Shipped via USPS, cost calculated at checkout. Will ship within 4-8 weeks in most cases. Packages may be subject to delays and fees at your local customs office. Please reach out to them directly to resolve. If your order gets returned to sender, you must cover reship costs.

Keep in mind that due to COVID, shipping time fluctuates and I am not responsible for delays caused by USPS. Once you receive the tracking number for your order, please take up any delays or concerns with USPS. 

Liability Waiver

DORON does not take responsibility for any of the following things you may experience after purchasing from our shop: 

-Sudden onset of political nihilism

-Depropagandized thoughts

-Women in your bedroom

-Machine-like behavior

-Getting evicted for calling your landlord a capitalist pig

-Getting beat up for calling a cop a spineless class traitor

-Getting targeted by the CIA for thought crimes

If you want to further support my work and help me out in funding this endeavor, you may consider donating. It means the world to me- thank you :).

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